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baby gift basket from Creations by Emas

What to Put in a Baby Gift Basket

Baby Gift Basket

A great gift to give the parents or soon-to-be parents of a baby is a gift basket full of goodies to help them as they adjust to having a baby. Including baby supplies along with personalized gifts helps to fill a need along with offering a fun surprise for the baby that acts as a keepsake for the parents. This guide offers ideas on how to make a basket full of great gifts for the parents and the newborn baby. 


Baby supplies

Including some basic supplies to your baby gift basket is very useful for parents, saving them money and trips to the store. Here's a list of some supplies that would be appreciated:

1. Diapers

Every parent needs diapers, and including a practical, daily need would be greatly appreciated, saving a trip to the store. Babies go through many diapers and that price adds up quickly, so gifting some diapers also lightens the load on the parents' wallet. Consider including a variety of sizes to ensure that the parents are prepared for their baby's growth and development.

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2. Baby wipes

Baby wipes are another essential that will be used daily, helping to keep the baby clean from various messes. 

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3. Baby clothing

Consider including some clothing for the newborn or clothing in sizes bigger that they can grow into. This can be a fun way to add a personal touch through the clothes you choose to pick out. 

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4. Baby socks

Help keep the baby's feet warm and cozy by including some cute socks! Since baby socks are so tiny, they can get lost easily, so it can't hurt to give more if they already have some.

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5. Baby books

As the baby grows up, reading books to them is a great way to provide entertainment and developmental benefits, so gifting a book is a great way to invest in the newborn's future. You could even choose a book that you enjoyed in your own childhood to share a special connection with the baby. Additionally, including a personalized note in the book would make the gift even more meaningful. As the baby grows, the book will serve as a cherished keepsake and a reminder of your thoughtful gesture.

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6. Gift card

For any extra purchases needed to be made, including a gift card to a store where baby supplies can be purchased (such as a baby-specific store or Walmart or Target) is a great way to allow the parents to make choices themselves on what they need. 

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Adding a personal touch

Personalized stuffed animals:

In addition to providing necessities for the parents, including a personalized stuffed animal in the gift basket gives the baby a new friend and a great keepsake item for them and their parents as they grow up! Giving a stuffed animal that is personalized to the baby sets it apart from the other stuffed animals they will have.

Creations by Emas has a variety of options in fun colors for a personalized stuffed animal as a great addition to a newborn baby gift basket!

1. Welcome to the World Elephant

Personalize the elephant or elephant pacifier holder with the name and initial of the baby along with a cute "Welcome to the World" message:

Visit the website to see all of the color options to choose from!


2. Birth Stats Elephant

Or, personalize an elephant with the name, initial, and birth stats of the baby!



3. Personalized Security Blanket

Babies also love blankets and what better way to add a personal touch to the gift basket by gifting a security blanket with the baby's name on it? This provides another friend and comfort item for the newborn in a combination of a blanket and an animal, and as they grow up and learn to read, seeing their own name on their blanket will be an exciting experience. Personalized gifts like these not only serve practical purposes but also create lasting memories for the child and their family.



Stay tuned for a gift basket entirely from Creations by Emas, saving you the time of buying each individual item!