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Personalized stuffed animals by Creations by Emas

Why Choose a Personalized Stuffed Animal Over a Regular One?

Are you thinking about purchasing a stuffed animal for a friend or family member as a gift? Whether it's for a birthday, a baby, a graduation, or a holiday, stuffed animals make great gifts as they're cute, cuddly, and comforting. A personalized stuffed animal offers sentimental value, uniqueness, thoughtfulness, acts as a keepsake, and supports small businesses! If you’re choosing between gifting a personalized stuffed animal or a regular one, this article will break down why you might consider a personalized one.


5 Reasons to Gift Personalized Stuffed Animals 

1. Sentimental Value

As a personalized stuffed animal commemorates a specific event, this adds sentimental value to it. These stuffed animals can be customized for holidays and special events such as birthdays, graduations, baptisms, and more! These are special events in your friend or family member's life, and by gifting an item that holds sentimental value, it will help them to celebrate and remember an accomplishment, special day, or holiday. Compared to a regular stuffed animal that over time will be forgotten why it was gifted, it being personalized for a specific occasion will always remind the receiver why and when it was received. 


 2. Uniqueness

A personalized stuffed animal holds a special uniqueness as it is a one-of-a-kind creation, personalized specifically for the person. Compared to a non-personalized stuffed animal, one personalized for the occasion and for the person receiving the gift makes it stand out amongst other gifts. On a day where your friend or family member is receiving many gifts, ones that may even be regular stuffed animals, gifting a personalized one is unique and shows your thoughtfulness. 


3. Shows Thoughtfulness

Choosing to gift a personalized stuffed animal shows thoughtfulness by the gift giver to the recipient. It illustrates that you put thought into the gift, showing it was not a last-minute purchase at the store the night before, rather it was planned out and customized specifically for them. By choosing personalizations that are special to the person recieving the gift, such as using their favorite colors, you can show you care and pay attention to their likes. This gift acts as a tangible way to express your care and consideration for the person receiving the gift.


4. Future Keepsake

Compared to regular stuffed animals that might be given away or thrown out after a child grows up, a personalized stuffed animal can be saved by the child or the parents as a keepsake to remember the event. Additionally, the personalization on the stuffed animal will also act as a reminder for the recipient of the details from that event: for instance, if it’s a stuffed elephant commemorating someone’s baptism, the date on it will be a reminder for what day they were baptized.


5. Supports Small Businesses

Oftentimes, businesses that create personalized stuffed animals are small businesses, so by purchasing a personalized stuffed animal, you can help support a small business rather than buying a regular stuffed animal from a big store. Creations by Emas is one such business that would greatly appreciate your choosing us for your gifting needs over a large business.

These are all reasons you might consider choosing to gift a personalized stuffed animal rather than a regular one. If you're interested in gifting a personalized stuffed animal, consider checking out Creations by Emas' website and Amazon storefront, and start your order today for a great personalized gift!